In accepting membership of the Institute of Welfare I agree to abide by the following:-

This should be read in conjunction with the Code of Practice

1.    Introduction

This Code establishes and seeks to maintain standards for members of the IoW. This Code is intended to inform and safeguard the interests of Members and those who seek to use their services.

All Members of the IoW are required to abide by this Code of Ethics.

2.     Responsibility

The work which Members undertake should be non-judgemental. The inherent basic values are impartiality, integrity and respect whether the work is paid or voluntary.

Members shall have a responsibility to the client, self and to their employer. They shall have due regard to the client’s interests and dignity.

3.     Safety

Adequate precautions must be taken to ensure not only the client’s safety but that of the IoW Member and of the organisation, if relevant.

4.    Confidentiality

Within the requirements of the law, public and individual safety, confidentiality shall be maintained in respect of all information received.

5.    Non Discriminatory Practice

Members should ensure that a non-discriminatory approach is integral to and maintained, throughout the course of their work.

6.    Competence

It is a requirement that Members monitor and develop their own personal and professional competence and work within their limits.

Competence should be maintained by the use of consultative support, CPD and where appropriate, ongoing external supervision.

Revised: November 2013