Professional Accreditation

Full Members, Fellows and Companions will receive the benefits of Professional Accreditation and appropriate evidence of such provided they:

  1. are not in arrears with subscriptions
  2. are in employment/in an active voluntary role/in practice
  3. have committed to the Codes of Ethics and Code of Practice
  4. demonstrate – on demand – proof of annual Continuous Professional Development of at least 15 hours a year which must be evidenced as relevant
  5. have no evidence of unethical or non-professional conduct

Names will be compiled into a Professional Register which will be available for public scrutiny.

Any disputes or concerns requiring investigation shall be through a panel of not more than three persons – all being corporate Members of the Institute and disinterested in the matter of concern – appointed by the Board. They may seek evidence as they see fit. Members subject to such an investigation may be accompanied but not legally represented. The panel decision will be communicated to the Board and the Board’s decision will be final.